The Lasher Family Association, Inc. 
"Probably the most complex and prolific of all the 847 families who arrived to colonial New York in 1710." - Henry Z. Jones, Jr. 
Welcome to the Lasher Family Association!

The Lasher Family Association, Inc. (LFA) is a grass roots, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the research, documentation and preservation of the genealogies, family histories and accomplishments of the descendants of Sebastian Lasher, who emigrated from the Rhineland Palatinate with his family to colonial New York in 1710.

The Lasher Family Association, Inc.

The LFA was begun almost 75 years ago in Asbury (West Camp), Ulster County, New York on Sunday, September 5, 1937. On that day 21 descendants of Sebastian Lasher gathered at the home of Clarence S. Lasher to swap information, share genealogies and celebrate their family connectedness.  Except for the years during WWII, the LFA has met yearly to continue that tradition.
On April 30, 1975 the LFA was created a Non Profit Corporation, under the auspices of the NYS Department of Education, under section 402 of the New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation Law.
The LFA usually holds its annual meetings the first Saturday in August in the Germantown, Columbia County, New York area. It has also been held in Saugerties, NY and Clermont, NY as well as other places. At these meetings, or reunions, we provide genealogical materials, host our official corporate meetings, have guest speakers, give educational seminars, hold social activities and often end with a historic guide of the early Lasher family homes and businesses.
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